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Terms and Conditions


The flower displays, trees and plants provided by Artificial Flowers Sydney (AFS), remain the property of AFS. 


Flower displays, trees and plants are supplied to our customers by customer order by phone, website or email. The hire term commences after payment is received in full. In some cases payment is requested 1 month in advance, and other cases we may request 3 months in advance. This is determined on individual orders.

In some cases a security deposit will be required and held for the duration of the hire term. The security deposit will be returned to the customer upon safe return of hired products in the same condition as was hired minus any reasonable wear and tear. Please allow 3 days for electronic transfers for return of security deposit.


Cancellations are accepted anytime with refund, except on large projects where long term hire is specified and the cost has been reduced significantly to allow for the long-term hiring.  Specific lock in periods will be specified on the quotation.

All other times cancellation is accepted in writing from the client and a refund paid for any unused portion of the hire period.

There is a fee to come and collect the hired products outside normal delivery cycles. This will be specified at time of cancellation confirmation.


Should any items be lost, misplaced, stolen or damaged beyond repair, when in the possession of the hirer, the hirer shall immediately notify AFS.

The Hirer agrees to pay for all hired products lost, stolen, damaged or not returned to AFS.

Care for the display is the hirer’s responsibility and all care will be taken to protect and ensure the integrity and quality of the products hired are maintained. Any costs associated with replacements of products will be invoiced to the hirer in the next invoicing cycle for the purpose of making reimbursement to AFS for the lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced goods.

Under no circumstances is the hirer to clean the displays. The hired products ARE NOT to be submersed in water, cleaned with chemicals or made wet under any circumstances. DO NOT use any type of cleaning agent, oil, or cleaning product on the flowers, plants, or trees.


Terms & Conditions

There are no lock-in contracts. Opt-out anytime.

Payments terms are in advance. A deposit may be required.

To opt out of the package, email us and we will collect the display at the next change over and the contract ends. No fees for opting out. An extra delivery charge of $25 will apply to collect outside standard delivery cycle.

Please contact us to discuss your flower styling and take the hassle out of organizing flowers. We look forward to provide to you beautiful flowers.